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I.M.I. Intl provides innovative ministers the tools  to move their ministry forward:

  • Organizational STRUCTURE

What We Offer

Administrative Support & Services

I.M.I. Intl can provide you a legal non-profit structure through which you can operate, freeing you for ministry while giving you administrative and donor systems and services, with proper organizational and legal accountability including, but not limited to:

  • Formal Spiritual & Ministerial Authority endorsing your ministry efforts
  • Legal Non-Profit Organization Status [You become part of a 501(c)(3) organization]
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll services [providing you monthly financial statements]
  • Donor Receipting and Tracking services
  • Mail List & Donor list maintenance
  • Government reporting

Ministry Flexibility with Accountability

I.M.I. Intl provides you freedom to pursue God’s unique calling on your life while offering the benefits of an administrative headquarters that works  with your current spiritual, personal, and ministry accountability structure.
Financial Integrity
To help insure financial integrity to our donors, I.M.I. Intl employs the CPA firm of Zeal Financial Services to annually audit I.M.I. Intl’s financial records. In addition, I.M.I. Intl operates according the principles of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability [ECFA].

Professional Validation & Association

I.M.I. Intl is a member of MissioNexus (Atlanta GA,, the largest association of missions organizations facilitating shared learning, mutual accountability, and trusted partnership with other like-minded evangelical church and mission leaders. By associating your ministry with I.M.I. Intl, you join an international coalition of Christian  ministers where your innovative calling from God is validated, encouraged, and mobilized. I.M.I. Intl provides you a corporation structure where networking, guidance, and consultation with other experienced arts-oriented innovative ministers exist within a context of understanding, affirmation, and practical support.

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