Our Departments

Build Her A Bridge

Director: Samantha DeGrasse
Email: buildherabridge@gmail.com
Website: https://buildherabridge.wordpress.com/
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Coram Deo Int'l

Director: Glenn Collard
Email: glenncollard@me.com
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Build Her A Bridge

Director: Samantha DeGrasse
Email: buildherabridge@gmail.com
Website: https://buildherabridge.wordpress.com/
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Director: Nancy Beise
Email: nancy.beise@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/fidelisindy
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Friends of Kuwinda

Director: Anna Dreher
Email: annadreher@icloud.com
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Global Equip Ministries

Director: Dan Stolldorf
Email: danstolldorf@gmail.com
Website: Global Equip Ministries
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Glory Honor Africa

Director: John P. Wood
Email: jwood.gha@gmail.com
Website: https://www.gloryhonor.africa/
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He Called You By Name

Director: Michael Gawlinski
Email: Michael.f.gawlinski@gmail.com
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The Inspiration Lounge

Director: Kimberly MacNeill
Email: kimberly@theinspirationlounge.org
Website: The Inspiration Lounge
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Integrative Prayer Solutions

Director: Bob Perry
Email: bobnhop@gmail.com
Website: http://integrativeprayersolutions.com/
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Mission: More and more people, more and more like Jesus
Director: John & Kathy Barcanic
Email: JohnB@intersekt.org
Website: https://www.intersekt.org/
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Mobile Mission Ministry

Director: Lee & Priscilla Harrison
Email: eleeharrison@gmail.com
Website: https://mobilemissionministry.org/
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Mighty Orphan Ministry USA/Uganda

Director: Nathaniel & Olga LeBeau
Email: olgaespinal@bellsouth.net
Website: https://www.mightyorphansoutreach.org/
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My Recovery Road

Director: Bridget & John Lippard
Email: myrecoveryroad1@gmail.com
Website: https://myrecoveryroad.com/
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Reconnect With Carmen

Director: Carmen LaBerge
Email: claberge@reconnectwithcarmen.com
Website: https://reconnectwithcarmen.com/
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Restoration Nashville

Mission: Mobilizing intercessors to pray for drug addiction & other healthcare needs in our Nashville communities.
Director: Bob Perry
Email: bobnhop@gmail.com
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Scott Hord Ministries

Director: Rev. Scott Hord
Email: scott@scotthord.com
Website: https://actintl.givingfuel.com/scott-hord-ministries

The Simon Initiative

Director: Mark van Niekerk
Email: bvanniekerkmark@gmail.com
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Something More Ministries

Mission: To help people discover and live into the "something more" that God created them for
Director: Doug Lee
Email: wholelifeworship@gmail.com
Website: https://wholelifeworship.com
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Strategic Evangelism

Mission: Winning Souls for Christ and Teaching Others to Do the Same
Director: Victor Mendez
Email: holygoat@att.net
Website: https://actintl.givingfuel.com/strategic-evangelism
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Teen Compass

Mission: To give students a Vision for their Vocational Goals and to help students and their parents develop a Strategy to Achieve their Goals.
Director: Larry Moshell
Email: larry@actinternational.org
Website: https://actintl.givingfuel.com/teen-compass
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